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What engines would be a good replacement for a Chevrolet Camaro z28 old engine?

I want to know which modern engines are good for a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro z28?

V8 ofcours|||Depending on your budget, you can't go wrong with a Gen III engine. You can go anywhere from the 5.7 LS1 to the 7.0 C5R engine. YearOne makes a kit to put this engine in your car! (link below)

There are several advantages to these engines. First, the head design of these engines is superior to Gen 1 and 2 engines, especially for power on a budget. A traditional SBC has 23 degree heads, while a Gen 3 has 15 degree for better airflow. Second, the LS1 (5.7), LS2 (6.0), LS3 (6.2), LS6 (5.7), and LS7 (7.0) are all aluminum engines...and will shave about 150 lbs off the front of your car, assuming you have an iron block/head engine now. That might not seem like a lot, but believe me, you will notice the difference. Third, they are fuel injected and will give great throttle response and fuel mileage. Also, if you could find a wrecked car to get parts from, you could get an ECU, transmission and engine together and make life simple. Just to give you an idea about power and economy, my 99 Formula has an LS1 that delivers 440hp to tires, it has a 4L60E automatic, and 3.23 gears. The car will go 11.6 in the quarter all motor, 10.7 on bottle, and gets 26 mpg on the highway with the cruise set at 70...with the a/c on! The car now has 88,000 miles and has been driving fairly hard since 20,000. It has been well maintained, but not babied...it's still going strong.|||Ls7 :) isn't that in the new z06?

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|||look into a crate motor from GM or some other company. just depends on budget if you wanna fuel inject it and other little things.|||build your own. I'm currently building a 350 bored .030 over for my 89 RS

Would a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer make a good first car?

The car I am looking at is a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer s10 zr2 4wd and I was wondering what your thoughts are on it as a first car for an upcoming girl driver. What problems did you experience with this particular car or what did you particularly like about this car. Overall, is it safe and good on gas mileage?|||since you are asking this question, you must like the idea of owning a blazer.

to answer your question, yes the blazer will make a great first car. over the years the s10 blazer and truck has just gotten better. there are many ++++ to owning and driving the blazer. to start with it's a real 4x4 which gives you a good winter vehicle that can also go off road or even travel on the beach. the seating position is higher than a car so you can see over over most of them in traffic. this can give you advanced warning of traffic problems (cars slowing down in front of you etc.).

the blazer has good towing cap. and will carry larger items.

driving a 4x4 is a little different than driving a car. you will need to take turns and curves a little slower. and watch quick maneuvers like lane changes but as long as you know this it is not a problem. because it a 4x4 and a little bigger and heavier than most cars the mpg will be less than a cars but depending on how its equipped it will still get into the 20+ mpg.

overall they are safe vehicles as long as they are driven like a 4x4.

hope this helps|||Those May not be good, more of a better car is Honda Civic 2000 Those would be great for a girl..why?

-Good on Gas 1.5L Engine

-Safe Cars

-Japanese Cars which have good engines

-A small car

Chervolet cars arent always the best cars|||no

What are all the problems with 97-03 Chevrolet Malibus?

I own a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS. I'm finding that these cars are mechanical and engineering disasters. I'm just looking for any problems I should be aware of with this car.|||Sorry to say the Malibu was not a true success story for Chevrolet.Oil and coolant leaks from the intake gasket are common.Electrical problems with the ignition switch and the UN sealed tail lamps that like to fill up with water shorting the rear bulbs.Brake system that eats rotors and pads and the MPG rating is very low for a car this size.Best of luck.|||There are too many engineering faults to list here.

They are total writeoffs.|||One cannot list them all...

or even a fraction of them...|||V6 intake manifold oil leaks

Front and rear coil spring fractures

Front wheel bearing/hub failures

Repeat Passlock/security malfunction in ignition tumbler

Those are the most common major issues that I see at work.|||brakes wear out every 6 months unless you buy expensive brands, head gaskets go easily, chicks dont like them, no poon for you.

power steering problems, abs problems.|||so many...hated these cars at the dealer........1st-bad for intake manifold oil and coolant leaks... 2nd had lots of brake pad and rotor concerns...had a recall on turn signal flasher .......etc.

Where is the best place to buy zebra seat covers for a 1992 Chevrolet Lumina?

I have a 92' Chevrolet Lumina, and i can't find any place online that has zebra seat covers to fit the certain seat types that are in my car, please help!|||Hmm maybe Car Leather Seat Covers does your car check it out! I know it's only limited vehicles because their custom fit for vehicles, but it's worth to check because they're so easy to install.|||You can get them in 1972.|||I work at Autozone and we carry them.

Is it possible to get a detachable cd player installed in my 2004 Chevrolet Malibu LS?

Right now I have a factory CD player, which is broken and will not accept Cds :(.

So I have decided to buy a new cd player, detachable, with an MP3 input.

.....Just wondering if it is possibly possible to actually install a different Stereo in my 2004 Chevrolet Malibu LS. Or should I just replace my factory stereo?? HMM... Someone please help! Taking opinions.|||Try calling your local auto parts store to make sure but I think that you can install a removable faceplate CD player in any vehicle. Another good way to find out is go to your local Walmart auto department and look at the stereo installation kits they have different style mounting brackets for almost all makes models and years


here is an example of what i mean. The mounting kits are made for all makes Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Buick, etc. You can browse walmarts website along with Autozone, or Advance Auto parts for more information on them|||yes you can all you have to do is take out the stock radio and install the new radio. some of the harnesses may not line up but you can easily fix that problem by changing the harness.|||You can get a receiver with a detachable face for anti theft protection

How much do you think a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier GT would sell for?

I was just wondering what you think a 1996 Chevrolet Gt with A/C, Sunroof, automatic transmission would go for. I want to buy another car and I just want an idea of what I should sell this one for.|||youll be lucky to get 4 digits on it|||1500|||I worked at chev a long time and don't recall a cavalier GT.|||if its in good shape and runs well maybe 900-1200.

Where can i find a cheap chevrolet V8 motor?

i am looking for a chevrolet V8 motor fully assembled and carbureted. i dont have alot of money to spend, so im trying to find a cheap one that runs good, can anyone help me?|||You can try


90% off Retail Value.

Good luck!|||Look in the paper for a truck for sale for 500. dollars take it out of that.|||try classic american magazine.|||There are some currently for sale on eBay Motors:


.|||craigs list u could find one locally and maybe even hear it run u also dont have to wait on bids to end