Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What are all the problems with 97-03 Chevrolet Malibus?

I own a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS. I'm finding that these cars are mechanical and engineering disasters. I'm just looking for any problems I should be aware of with this car.|||Sorry to say the Malibu was not a true success story for Chevrolet.Oil and coolant leaks from the intake gasket are common.Electrical problems with the ignition switch and the UN sealed tail lamps that like to fill up with water shorting the rear bulbs.Brake system that eats rotors and pads and the MPG rating is very low for a car this size.Best of luck.|||There are too many engineering faults to list here.

They are total writeoffs.|||One cannot list them all...

or even a fraction of them...|||V6 intake manifold oil leaks

Front and rear coil spring fractures

Front wheel bearing/hub failures

Repeat Passlock/security malfunction in ignition tumbler

Those are the most common major issues that I see at work.|||brakes wear out every 6 months unless you buy expensive brands, head gaskets go easily, chicks dont like them, no poon for you.

power steering problems, abs problems.|||so many...hated these cars at the dealer........1st-bad for intake manifold oil and coolant leaks... 2nd had lots of brake pad and rotor concerns...had a recall on turn signal flasher .......etc.

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